Local Recovery believes the policies of local authorities and national governments should deliver for local communities. 

As part of this, we can provide advice and support to local groups who are looking to access funding from schemes such as:

The Place Based Investment Programme Fund

The Scottish Government’s Place Based Investment Programme fund provides capital funding to support community-led regeneration, town centre revitalisation and community wealth-building.  Eligible organisations can apply for grants to provide community-led projects in their local area.

The five year funding programme is currently in its fourth year (2024/25)

The Levelling up Fund

Part of the UK Government’s wider levelling up agenda, the Levelling Up Fund has allocated £470 million to projects around Scotland across three funding rounds, where local authorities from all parts of the United Kingdom were able to bid.

The third round of projects to receive funding was announced in November 2023 with investment themes of transport, regeneration, town centres and culture.

The fund has currently ended ahead of the expected UK general election in 2024.

The community ownership Fund

The UK Government’s Community Ownership Fund supports community groups, voluntary groups and community councils in securing and renovating important local assets and amenities that may otherwise be at risk, for the benefit of the local community.

The fund has made grants of varying sizes to projects across Scotland, totally £14 million following the last funding window in December2023.

We expect news of the fourth round of the fund in 2024 with a number of bidding windows.

The UK shared prosperity Fund

The Shared Prosperity Fund replaces elements of previous European Development Funds, with £212 million allocated to local councils in Scotland for investments in their local priorities.

Local projects are able to apply directly to their local authority for support, with the aim of the fund to build pride in place, increase life chances, focus on communities, support local economies and invest in skills.

Regeneration Capital grant fund

This Fund supports locally developed place-based regeneration projects that involve local communities, help to tackle inequalities and deliver inclusive growth in disadvantaged and rural communities across Scotland.

The most recent round of funding closed to applications in June 2023.

The Empowering Communities fund

The Scottish Government’s Empowering Communities Programme has been streamlined into two funds: the Aspiring Communities Fund and the Investing in Communities Fund.

We are currently awaiting details of future funding programmes.


In the second half of 2023, the UK Government announced the expansion of Levelling Up Partnerships to four local councils in Scotland, and a further announcement that seven towns across Scotland would be given funding through the Towns Fund to establish Town Boards to invest in local priorities.

We are looking closely at these new additions to the community funding landscape as they develop.