Code of Conduct

Local Recovery code of conduct

About this Policy

This policy sets out the content standards that apply when you upload content to our site and social media accounts, make contact with other users on our site and social media accounts, or interact with our site and social media accounts in any other way.

The below is a summary of our full acceptable use policy, a copy of the full policy  is available here (together known as the “Policy”). We strongly recommend that you read the full Policy prior to using or accessing our site. By using our site and social media accounts, you confirm that you accept the terms of the Policy and that you agree to comply with them. These terms apply at all times. is a site by Better Local Limited, a company limited by guarantee incorporated in Scotland with the Company Number SC704709 and registered office at Abercorn House, 79 Renfrew Road, Paisley, United Kingdom,PA3 4DA. To contact us, please use the ‘contact us’ form on our site (    

Website and Social Media
Supporters and other members of the public should comply with the following when using our site and social media accounts:

  • Focus on improving our community. Local Recovery exists to help local people improve their communities as we recover from the pandemic.
  • Treatment of others. Treat everyone including your fellow Local Recovery supporters, elected representatives and members of the public with courtesy and respect. You should not insult, intimidate, humiliate, discriminate anyone or otherwise commit any acts which may be considered threatening, abusive or cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to another user.
  • Correct usage. Do not do anything which is illegal nor promote illegal content or activity or knowingly transmit any data, send or upload any material that contains viruses or other harmful programs which may adversely affect our operations. You should also not reproduce, duplicate, copy or re-sell any part of our site or infringe on our intellectual property rights.
  • Comply with the full requirements as set out in our Policy

You can report any instances of a supporter or member of the public behaving in a way which contravenes the Policy to Local Recovery as soon as you are able to allow us to consider and take the appropriate action. You can report your concerns here

Monitoring content
We will do our best to assess any possible risks for users (and in particular, for children) from third parties when they use our site or social media platforms. However, we are under no obligation to oversee, monitor or moderate any content  posted on our site and social media platforms.

We shall not be held liable in any way for your use of our site and social media.

Breaches of this Policy
Please note that breaches of our Policy may result in us taking such action as we deem appropriate including removing you as a supporter. We strongly recommend that you read and comply with the terms of this Policy.