about us

local communities

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted our jobs, our schools, our hospitals, and so much more.  

Delivering a brighter future for our communities will not be easy. We know that communities across Scotland have the drive, the determination and the will to get us back on track.  

Our public services have been put under incredible strain. Every school pupil has endured huge upheaval. NHS Scotland’s patients face mounting delays. And our roads and railways need urgent attention. We know that, together, local communities have the answers.

local priorities

Local Recovery is a non-political group which works to give all our communities a louder voice. We will advocate for local priorities, so the Scottish and UK governments invest in what our towns, villages and neighbourhoods actually need. We deserve the highest quality, best funded public services in the world.  

We owe it to our doctors, nurses, teachers and police officers to make sure they have the support, resources and funding they need.