Ambassador Contributions

Introducing: Katherine Sangster

July 18, 2022
Katherine Sangster

My name is Katherine and I’m delighted to be coming on board to join the great team of Local Recovery Ambassadors. I have lived in Scotland my entire life and strongly believe in delivering the best policy outcomes for Scotland. I enjoy connecting with local people and have a long background in community organising, such as when I led a grassroot movement of mums who secured more funded childcare from the government.

Local Recovery is such an exciting organisation to be a part of. We are committed to helping local people make a difference in their communities by giving them a louder voice. Together, we can use that voice to call on the UK and Scottish governments to deliver more funding for the projects that matter to you.

It’s been a tough few years for everyone; from small business owners, to doctors, firefighters, and everyone else who runs our public services. There is no time like the present to kickstart a community-led recovery; with your support Local Recovery is poised to make that happen.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the great work that Local Recovery will play a part in.